What We Believe

We believe our only guide for faith and worship is the Bible, specifically the New Testament. Therefore, we have no creedal statement of faith identifying the official doctrine of the Church of Christ. However, we do hold beliefs that separate us from much of Christendom. We believe in the reality of the God of creation, the virgin birth of God's Son, Jesus the Christ. We accept his miracles as genuine and his preaching as the will of God. We find hope in our own resurrection from the dead in the certainty of Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

Our goals are to evangelize the lost, minister to human needs, educate and motivate Christians to selfless service in all areas of life, encourage and support one another, and worship God. To this end, we meet as a church to sing, pray, participate in God's word, and take the Lord's Supper. We believe the early Christians observed the Lord's Supper every week and that it was the heart of the meeting of believers.

We believe that people are saved by grace through faith, but by a faith that is responsive to God's stated will. Part of that stated will is baptism by immersion for the forgiveness of sins. True faith will not hesitate to do what the Lord commands.

Our singing is without the accompaniment of musical instruments. We believe that the music of the first century church was vocal only and was the outpouring of hearts filled with faith and love. Out of respect for Bible ways, we continue that practice.

We have a strong sense of community or family that we believe upholds and practices the spiritual quality of love.


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